Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mock Printz: Voices by Ursula Le Guin

Ursula Le Guin
Starred Reviews: School Library Journal
Review:I always enjoy Ursula Le Guin and Voices is no exception. Written in the same world as Gifts, published in 2005, Voices sets up a new situation which although vaguely linked, stands very well on its own. Memer is the main character here living in a defeated country, Ansul, where the oppressors, the Alds, have subjugated the whole place and removed all books and education. Memer lives with the Waylord ad clandestinely learns how to read in a secret room. Things change several years later when unexpectedly a poet and his wife, who has special bonds with animals, come looking for an original manuscript rumored to be in Ansul. Their visit serves as the catalyst for Memer's people to restore their once peaceful, highly civilized way of, life. Although not outstanding, this book presents interesting ideas and very memorable characters. I have not yet decided if it will be on my list ....
Reviewed by:Susan Rappaport, Rutherford Public Library

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