Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mock Printz: Theodora Twist by Melissa Senate

Title: Theodora Twist
Author: Melissa Senate
ISBN: 0385733011
Starred review in: Kilatt (May '06)
Review: Reality television's next star is already a star in her own right. Theodora Twist (formerly Dora Twistler), discovered at age thirteen while trying to talk her way out of a shoplifting charge at Bloomingdale's, has earned a Paris Hilton-esque reputation as a bad girl. To fix her damaged rep, Theodora's agent concocts a plan to show the world how much of a "real teen" Theodora really is. Theodora will return to her hometown in Bergen County, New Jersey, live in the house she grew up in, and go to high school.

Emily Fine moved into Theodora's house after the Twistler family left for California. She's dealing with some real teen problems of her own, including a new baby stepsister and the fact that the guy she likes doesn't know she exists. But she's catapulted to reality TV stardom when she learns she'll be sharing her room with Theodora.

Mixed into this enagaging story of Hollywood and high school are some serious but well-handled themes of grief, sex, and superficiality. Emily is charming, and Theodora, despite her best efforts, comes to like Emily very much. The girls have a lot of typical teenage fights, but in the end they support each other and make the most of Theodora's life as a "real" teen. This is a bettter addition to collections than Jen Calonita's Secrets of my Hollywood Life, which tackles many of the same themes of teens and Hollywood, and it's a terrific readalike for fans of Meg Cabot and Lola Douglas.
Reviewed by: Carlie W., BCCLS

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