Monday, August 21, 2006

Mock Printz: Dead Connection by Charlie Price

Title: Dead Connection
Author: Charlie Price
ISBN: 1596431148
Starred review in: Publishers Weekly (March 20), nominated to BBYA
Review: Murray Kiefer sees dead people. He not only sees them, but he talks to them. He comforts them. They are his friends and confidantes, and until Pearl Janochek gets involved, they are his closest secret.

Nikki Parker, average high-school cheerleader, has been missing for weeks. The only lead Detective Roman Gates has in her disappearance is an unreliable, highly medicated eyewitness. He knows a man in a white car is involved, and that his eyewitness can't bear the sight of cars with whip antennae, but most of his investigation is just an exercise in frustration.

While Gates is conducting his investigation, Murray hears a new voice in the cemetery. It's a girl, crying, begging for someone to find her. His friends, including his favorite Dearly Beloved, who died in a car wreck, don't seem to know who she is. Teamed with Pearl, the cemetery groundskeeper's daughter, he starts an investigation of his own. His exploration and Gates's come together in a meeting, which is interrupted by a failed police officer bent on getting "revenge" on Murray.

Short chapters and alternating points of view make this story a must for any fan of Law and Order or CSI. Charlie Price has an eye for description and seems to know just what words to use to entice the reader without boring him. There's a large cast of characters, but each character is well-developed, slightly weird, and altogether fascinating. A great addition to the mystery genre and highly recommended.
Reviewed by: Carlie W., BCCLS

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