Monday, August 27, 2007

Mock Newbery: On the Wings of Heroes by Richard Peck

Title:  On the Wings of Heroes
Author: Richard Peck
Publisher: New York : Dial Books,c2007
ISBN: 0803730810

Annotation: A boy in Illinois remembers the home front years of World
War II, especially his two heroes--his brother in the Air Force and
his father, who fought in the previous war.

When I opened the delivery of books, this title was on the top of the box.
"Oh, no" I groaned inwardly, "Not another Peck book to read". Even the
cover was unappealing to me. His books are always well written, but do
they have kid appeal? I find adults like them more than any child I have
recommended his titles to. Still, when I started to read, I found myself
liking these new characters, even chuckling at his homey, heartwarming
humor. This was a pleasure to read. A charming tribute to a loving
father. However, not groundbreaking or new. A recommended purchase,
not a Newbery contender.

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BookWyrm said...

I read this book early in the year. I liked it better than some other Peck books, but I found myself feeling like I was reading a stereotype. Everything seemed very stock to me.
It was a good story and interesting, but there was no way for Peck to end this without screaming CLICHE or making it all too neat and "happily ever after".
For a good war story, go read Wednesday Wars or even Cracker!

Side note: One of the committee members mentioned how odd it was that we had so many war books on out this year and that three were in our list of considerations. Her thought was that maybe it was a way to comment on the political situation today.