Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mock NEWBERY: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Starred Review: Kirkus 01/15/07
Author: Kinney, Jeff
Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
ISBN: 97801810993136

This book is funny and interesting, but very episodic and I didn't feel there was a cohesive plot through the whole book. The main character did 'do the right thing' at the very end of the book, but still didn't seem to have developed much. It felt more like a one shot deal. Again and again through the book the main character, Greg, disreguards others feelings, uses his 'best friend', and just generally acts like a jerk. There is no eppifany when he realizes that he's been treating his friend badly and owes him an apology or even that how he acts is wrong. It's a good read and funny, but could be so much better if the plot and characters were developed more.

I know that boys will pick up the book and may even enjoy the unique blend of prose and comic art. It reminded me of Moss' Amelia's Notebooks. A good pick for the collection, but not an award winner in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

I admit, I wanted to like this book. Wouldn't it be fun to have a comic style book
on the Mock Newbery Top 10 list?
While the sentiments revealed in his journal style entries read as authentic to the
middle school voice, he's just isn't likeable enough for me to care. Self involved child who behaves poorly and has not one ounce of interest in how his
actions effect others. I stopped reading in the middle and don't wish to pick it up again to finish.
Not reccommended.
Beth J, Closter

Anonymous said...

The perfect post-Pilkey read!
Never going to win an award, but it will circulate.

Anonymous said...

Probably a good pick for a relucant reader but not an award winner. Greg, the main character, is purely interested in his own self-preservation at school. His concept of the "right thing to do" neither wins or keeps friends. Clearly a moral tale.

BookWyrm said...

I'm not sure I could call this a moral tale. If it were, wouldn't he have learned something by the end?